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Digital Marketing – Myths And Facts

Digital Mogli is one of the best digital marketing companies in Pune. Digital Mogil’s experts have more than 5 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Digital Mogli has every online marketing solution for your business, no matter which business niche you have? In today’s era, every business needs an online presence. But there are several digital marketing myths and facts that we should know. This is Digital Mogli’s small effort to debunk some of the myth about online marketing.

Digital Marketing is an effective tool to reach out maximum and targetted audience on an optimal budget. Marketing strategy is one of the most important pillars to get success in business. Digital Marketing has swiftly grown from supplementary marketing to primary marketing strategy.

Digital Mogli mentioned some points which attempt to debunk a few myths about the digital marketing industry. Digital Mogli’s goal is to enlighten our audience about the facts about Digital Marketing.

Myth 1: Only large-scale businesses can do Digital Marketing

Fact 1: Businesses of any scale can do Digital Marketing

In today’s tech-savvy world every business must have a digital presence, no matter whether you are small scale or large scale. Every business should have a digital profile, don”t compramise with your digital identity. Online marketing is the best way to communicate with your existing and prospecting customers. Digital Marketing is the best way to improve your sales graph effectively. Every business can do and afford Digital Marketing.

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Myth 2: Omnichannel Marketing is the key

Fact 2: Focus on demanded channels at a time

Omnichannel marketing certainly has a competitive advantage. But a costly complex marketing strategy to execute. Omni anticipates all the media to deliver an uninterrupted customer experience. But on the other hand, focusing more on 1 or 2 channels at a time can deliver promising results to the brand. Using these targeted channels can be leveraged to go cross-channel in future activities.

Myth 3: Digital marketing is the shortcut to earning money

Fact 3: Digital marketing is a skill that needs regularly updated knowledge

Let us clear one thing Digital Marketing is not a shortcut to earning money. Digital Marketing is a kind of industry where you need to be updated with evolving technology. Its study – Analyse – Improve kind of thing. The more you study and practice, the more scope for success is there.

In order to earn money from digital marketing, you have to market your website and business consistently on Google, Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This effort should be consistent for a long period of time. Practicing these patterns consistently can give you fruitful results. Then you can start earning a bit of money. Your income will grow over a period of time. And it will completely depend on your skills, content, and consistency.

Myth 4. Digital Marketing Gives Overnight Success to Your Business

Fact 4. Like all other tools, Digital Marketing also takes some time to show results

This is the most widespread fable that businesses and most clients believe in. Digital Marketing takes some time to give you the expected results. Let’s understand this with the example, once you write and publish particular content on a website, Google takes time to index it. After that, it also depends on your SEO strategy to get a good rank on SERPs. All these processes take time. But once all get on track then you will surely get the expected results. One thing Digital Mogli would like to advise is if you are going to opt for digital marketing then be patient. Patience is the key to success. Be patient at least for 6 months to get the expected results.

Myth 5. SEO Is Not Working Now

Fact 5. SEO is Evergreen and Best Digital Marketing Strategy For Every Business.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. 1) Most business owner thinks that SEO is not for their business. 2) And some think that Google Ads took place of SEO results. We would like to assist you that both of the above assumptions are completely wrong.

SEO is a very effective tool for every business. Think of yourself and how many times you have searched on Google for a product or service. Every business should create authenticity by featuring on Google SERP. SEO is effective for every industry like manufacturing, real estate, colleges, training institutes, hospitals, etc.

Google ads never take place of SEO results. The practical reason behind this google wants to improve customer experience with related search results. This thing is only possible with SEO (Organic) results.

Word From Digital Mogli:

Being one of the best online marketing companies it’s our responsibility to enlighten you about digital marketing facts. Apart from the above, there are several myths that are popular. We will also debunk those myths. If you have any kind of doubt, confusion or concern kindly contact Digital Mogli now. We are there to serve you 24/7. Call us on 8668493250 / 9822421398.