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Things you should know about Local SEO, National SEO, & International SEO


Most of the entrepreneur and businessman looking for digital marketing as the one-stop solution for their marketing needs. And most of them are very happy with their digital presence through a website and social media marketing. Digital Marketing is a boon for all kinds of industries. This helps not only to create awareness but also get some business out of it.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important digital marketing pillars. If you are using the right SEO technique then you will get good business through this technique only. Being a top SEO Agency in Pune We use all 3 techniques of SEO:

  1. Local SEO
  2. National SEO
  3. International SEO

Ever heard about this? It’s very important to know the basics of digital marketing. Most businesses start doing SEO without understanding the importance of region-based SEO. Firstly you need to understand the audience demographics, interests, and location. Then you can plan the region-based SEO. If your target audience is your city or suburbs then working on national SEO won’t help you. Similarly, if your target audience is all over the country then local SEO won’t help you. You need to be quite clear about your business goal. You have to discuss business agendas and goals with your team before coming into the digital marketing world. The best part of these SEO techniques is you can shift your marketing strategy from Local SEO to National or International.

In this article, we are going to discuss what kind of factors you should consider while applying any of the SEO techniques.

Local SEO

Many local businesses like car washing centers, Kirana stores, or marriage halls can find their area of service. Defining your service area helps you rank on Google My Business listing for that particular area. When visitors search on google ‘near me’ or area name there are more chances to get your business feature on GMB. Local SEO can drive you a lot of business and leads if applied properly. Most of your clients regularly check services with the search term ‘near me’. This kind of activity triggers your GMB listing and gives you potential clients. If you are accessible on the web and in reality this increases your business credibility.

Things to consider when doing Local SEO

  • Create Google My Business Account.
  • Link your website to GMB
  • Mark your location properly
  • Ask the client for review and testimonials
  • Use keywords in the title and description
  • The website should be mobile-friendly

National SEO

Every business needs to focus on its SEO tactics more than ever before. While doing national SEO be ready to face 10X competition than local SEO. Because every national company is looking to rank on Google for their services or products. While doing national SEO you have to target broad match and nonlocal keywords. National SEO will allow your business to feature all over the country for your services or products. This kind of result will drive a certain amount of leads for your business. National SEO will make your ROI in a positive manner.

Doing National SEO is not 1 person job. For this, you need the best SEO agency in Pune or your city to work for you. Digital Mogli is always there to serve you with all kinds of digital marketing services.

Things to consider while doing National SEO:

  • Focus on broad match keyword
  • You need to create great, informative, and unique content
  • Keep your website well optimized
  • Monitor your website on a regular basis

International SEO

International SEO refers to creating your search presence to various country’s (Targerted country’s). With the help of international SEO we can create global presence of our business.¬† International SEO means targeting¬† people of different countries or different languages by optimizing your digital presence. It includes

  • Geo-Targeting
  • HrefLang Tags
  • Translation of Website
  • Other Localization Signals

Ofcourse there are lot of things required to get you higher ranking. Once you realized that your clients are from multiple countries and prefers to read your business in their dialects then you must go for the International SEO.

Things to consider while doing international SEO:

  • Business Listing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Domain Hints
  • Text to HTML ratio

Quick Throwback

In this article we have explained you the importance of search engine optimization and their types. Hope all of you read this article carefully. Now you can select which SEO strategy is suitable for your business. Digital Mogli provides all kind of Digital Marketing Services in pune and your city. If you are looking for any digital marketing agency for your business, remember one thing Digital Mogli is always there to serve you.