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Top 5 Google Algorithms Related To SEO

Have you ever thought there are a lot of search engines on the web but why Google is the most popular search engine?

The only reason for the popularity of Google is the relevance of search results for users’ queries. Giving relevant results for your search query from the huge database of Google is a really difficult task. But Google does it very efficiently with the help of amazing algorithms.

How does Google Algorithm work?

Google algorithm is a complex design that is used by Google to deliver relevant search results.

We have to understand how these different algorithms are working. First of all Google crawler crawls web data and stores it in a local database. After that crawler indexes all the data according to the category, and niche and stores it in the master database.

When a user search for a particular query then this master database gives results accordingly. Based on the search query Google shows different results of websites, images, and videos from the master database. All these results are shown on SERP i.e. Search Engine Result Pages.

Being the best SEO Company in Pune, we have to understand all these algorithms and algorithmic behaviors. And make changes to the website and all to get a higher rank on SERP.

In this blog, we are going to give you information about the top 5 most important Google algorithms related to SEO.

  1. Panda
  2. Penguin
  3. HummingBird
  4. Rank brain
  5. Page Experience
1. Panda:

Google has introduced the Panda algorithm in 2011. Before 2011 most of the content on the websites was copied and pasted i.e. plagiarised. The use of plagiarised content was huge. To avoid this kind of spammy activity Google introduces the Panda algorithm.

Panda algorithm is for ensuring that your website is having high quality and unique content. If you are using things or plagiarised content then this algorithm may downrank or block your website. This algorithm is considered a massive blast in the SEO industry. This algorithm changed the basics of google optimization.

To comply with these algorithms policies write quality and unique content for your websites.

2. Penguin:

Google has introduced the Penguin algorithm in 2012. But the impact of this google algorithm has been noticed in 2014-15. The penguin algorithm is related to the quality of backlinks. In the earlier times, SEO, expert, or digital marketers were focused on creating a lot of backlinks for websites. No matter whether it will relevant or not. This activity is called backlink spamming.

To avoid this link spamming penguin algorithm is rolled out. The websites which were doing backlink spamming or generating unnatural backlinks have been downranked.

To comply with the penguin algorithm generate backlinks from high authority domains or get the link from the same category website. This kind of backlink considers a genuine ranking signal for Google.


The hummingBird algorithm was introduced by Google in 2013. This algorithm is related to keyword stuffing. In earlier times, while writing the content for websites, there was an unnecessary use of keywords. This activity is called keyword stuffing. Due to this keyword stuffing google bot was ranking low-quality content also. To avoid this Hummingbird algorithm helped a lot.

To comply with the Hummingbird algorithm avoid using unnatural use of keywords. Write good quality content for the website without keyword stuffing. Mention the keyword only where it is necessary.

It has been considered that 1% – 3% keyword density is optimal. Make a note: this keyword density isn’t mentioned by Google. Digital Mogli has analyzed this as the optimal keyword density ratio.

4.Rank Brain:

Google has introduced Rankbrain in 2015. Google has mentioned many times that Rank Brain is the most important algorithm for SEO. This algorithm helps to deliver relevant search results to users. The main goal of google is to give relevant search results to users. And this algorithm fulfilling Google’s main goal.

You must be having questions about how to deal with this algorithm? The answer is simple you have to write relevant and quality content. While writing the content use optimal keywords from the user’s intent. The quality content should be written from the user’s point of view. 

One more thing you can do is increase your social media reputation. Create social media pages on different platforms and publish relevant content. This kind of activity also helps to comply with the Rank Brain algorithm.

5.Page Experience:

All the above google updates are quite old. Now we are going to explore one recent update which is Page experience. Google has introduced this update in 2021. Through this update, Google has focused on the user experience. When a particular user lands on a website how does he feel or behave on the landing page.

In this update, Google has told that websites which are having good page experience, less loading time, stable pages, and quality content will rank higher in Google SERPs. After this algorithm, the importance of technical SEO is increased.

We have mentioned only the top algorithms in this blog. Apart from this, there are a lot of updates, which Google performs on daily basis also. Some of them are noticeable and some of them are not. Hope you guys have enjoyed the information and liked it.