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What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization – Digital Mogli

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. First, let’s understand the concept of SEO many of ours think that search engine optimization means only ranking website on the google, but it’s not only about ranking the website, SEO it’s about the overall performance of website and quality content which you will publish. Digital Mogli is one of the renowned SEO Company In Pune.

Let me tell you in simple words if your website performance is good and your are putting quality and fruitful content for your users then you do not have to worry your website will rank on all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The most important thing you should notice here is that I am not talking about only Google ranking, I am talking about all the search engines so please keep in mind that SEO is related to all search engines.

Understand this two things completely:

  •  What is Website Performance
  •  What is Quality Content


What is Website Performance?

Website performance or website optimization is a kind of fancy term it’s directly related to the website speed and user experience. Google has announced in 2010 that website speed is one of the most important ranking factors.

How website speed affects SEO?

Will explain this by proper example. Suppose you are searching for the keyword “ digital marketing company in Pune ” and you are having results as follows:

  • Good Firms
  • BrandLoom
  • SRV Media

If the user clicks on 1st result i.e. GoodFirm.co and this website is taking too long to load completely, then the user will not be satisfied and click on the ‘back’ button this causes an increase in bounce rate and Pogo sticking. And this kind of activity sends bad performance signal to google and eventually it results in down-ranking.

In the same search activities if the user is coming back from Good Firm website before complete website loading and clicks on the 3rd result i.e. SRV Media and this website loads quickly, user getting deeper and deeper in the website because the user finds fruitful content on this site, in this situation your bounce rate is decreased, user engagement increases, avg. session duration also increases and eventually this kind of activity sends a good signal to Google to rank this website higher. Certainly, this will not happen in a day or two it will take time but, surely, this website will go to rank higher than the 1st one.

There are some other factors of website development which affects on the Ranking As follows:

1. SSL-Certification :

SSL stands for Secure Sprocket Layer it helps to secure your internet connection

2. Framework :

Nowadays most of the peoples using WordPress platform for website development, it has been said that this WordPress is supporting quite well to google search engine for ranking. So think before selecting the framework

3. AMP :

Accelerated Mobile Pages this feature helps to increase the mobile performance of the websites, implementation of this tool is a must in today’s mobile-oriented world.

4. UI/ UX :

This is the most important factor which impacts users directly, your page layout should be more engaging and responsive.

5. Keyword in Domain

While selecting your domain name it should be related to your business, its not a ranking factor but it sends relevancy to google. 

What is quality content?

Before writing any content you must analyze the need of the market, what kind of content is becoming viral, and getting not only traffic but also engagement. So you should choose your topic accordingly.

After selecting the topic you must have to research and study related to the topic. Write content in such a way that it should not be plagiarized and must be fruitful and engaging for the user.

Do some keyword research for that topic on which others are gaining traffic put those keywords wisely in your content. Be careful while using keywords you must be aware of the following things.

1. Keyword Density :

There is no particular keyword density suggested by google, but using a 1% to 3% density is a good practice.

2. TF-IDF :

Its fancy thing which shows how often a particular word is used in your content. The more often that word appears in content, the more likely it is that the content is about that word

3. Keyword Stuffing :

Using the same keyword multiple times is called keyword stuffing, it’s like inserting particular keyword forcefully, it’s a bad practice doesn’t do that.

4. Keyword Prominence :

Putting your main keyword in the first 100 words of content is a good SEO practice this is called keyword prominence

5. Keyword Proximity :

It refers to the distance between two words or keywords. Closer the two keywords are to each other, the higher the weight for those words. 

The Bottom Line

In this article, I have tried my best to give you information about SEO and Content Writing. Given you some excellent tips for website development and Content writing. Hope you all guys understood this.
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