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Google Ads Campaign Setup

What is Google Adword and How To Prepare Effective Adword Campaign

Advertising platforms have continuously changed from the beginning of the 18th century, for any business advertising is a must. If you don’t advertise your business, products, and services then there are very few chances to get new business and increase sales. Google AdWords is the best option in todays digital world.

Advertising is a must but in today’s era selecting a proper advertising media is the most difficult and challenging job, we at Digital Mogli will guide you properly for effective and sales driven marketing campaigns, our industrial experts having more than 4 years of experience will make sure that your business will grow higher. Get in touch with us.

What is Google Adwords?

Google adwords is an advertising platform by google which allows different businesses to get featured in google search and display network. When you run an ads through google adwords it goes live on google search engine and other google partnered websites based on several factors like keywords, topics, demographics and interests etc. In short its advertising platform which helps businesses to reach their customers instantly.

Type of Google Ads Campaigns
a) Search network campaign
b) Display network campaign
c) Video campaign (YouTube Promotion)
d) App promotion campaign
e) Shopping Campaign

Type of Goals in Google Ads Campaign
a) Sales
b) Leads
c) Website traffic
d) Product and Brand consideration

e) App promotion
f) Brand awareness and reach

Why to Use Google Adwords?

There are many marketing platforms but advertising on google ads is the best option among them because of the intent of the user. When a user clicks on your ads he is redirected to the landing page or website which should be designed in such a way that the user would get engaged with your products or services.
Google ads have quite a higher conversion rate (3.48%) than other advertising platforms, and all the leads you would be getting may be your prospective customers also, just keep pitching them through proper media.

How Google Adwords works?

Google adwords uses a bidding strategy for ranking the ads on search engine and other partnered websites. Basically this strategy defines your ad position depending on maximum bidding and quality score.

Quality score is basically a rating from 1 to 10 by considering the factors like landing page quality, keywords, ads relevance, ad text relevancy and historical performance of your ad account. Quality score is an indication to advertisers how well they have chosen their keywords, ad text and designed landing pages. It’s actually rating your ad relevance to the users intent, that’s it! That is why higher the quality score leds higher ad ranking in search engines.

What is Keyword research? And why is it necessary?
Keyword research is a basic but the most important task for preparing Adword campaigns, keywords are actually queries which users search on Google. Google has all the data of these keywords in terms of search volume, competition, maximum and minimum bid. Google has provided its own platform for keyword research named keyword planner.

These factors are very important while choosing keywords for a particular campaign. Before preparing a campaign our keyword research sheet must be ready, it helps to target the right audience at the right time and set up the budget for the campaign.

What is a campaign, Adgroup and Adset?


At the campaign level you have select you goal, which will depend on the expected results. Name your campaign properly for the further reference.

Ad Group:

After selecting the goal at campaign level you need to create an ad group in which keywords should be added. You can create multiple ad groups in single campaign.

Ad Set:

Under the ad group you have to create an adset. This is the actual ad which you want to show your customers. Remember one thing: write your ad according to the keywords added in the ad group. You can create multiple ads in single ad group.

How to Prepare Effective Adword Campaign?

-Create adword account

how to create adword account

If you are having email id then this is not difficult task for you just sign in using that mail id in google adwords and account will be created automatically.
You can create 10000 campaigns per account
You can create 20000 ad groups per campaign

  -Select your advertising goal

goal seection in google adword

This is the most important job, don’t be confused here because this is the stage where you are going to decide your campaigns goal. What kind of results you are expecting from your adword campaign is being decides here only. Select you goal properly, you can understand goals by reading headlines only.

-Step By Step Procedure for Campaign Building

1)Your Business and Audience

a.) Describe Your Business:

infrormation about your business

This is the preliminary information about your business which should be provided to google very properly, You have to fill the information like Business Name and Business website.

b.) Where are your Customers?

geographical targeting through location

It’s obvious that you know your potential customer location and prospective customer location from where you will get more business. Just target that location by typing the city-state-country names or target through zip code. It’s that simple!

c.) Set Up Keywords

keyword research targeting

As discussed earlier you should prepare a list of keywords by analysing factors like search volumes, competition and bids etc. Keyword selection should be proper. This is the pin which can trigger your ad on search engines for getting impressions and clicks.

  1. Create your Ads

prepare your actual google ad

This is the stage where you have to write your actual ad. In this ad structure you are having 3 headlines with 30 character each & 2 descriptions with 90 character description. Your ads headlines and description should be action oriented and appealing to the customer because this will be the face of your business. Be careful while writing the ads!

3.Budget and Review
Here you will get some pre-defined budget modules with approximate results, you can select one of them or you can create you own budget module according to your business. The budget setup option is completely customisable and you can change budget any time. Isn’t it Great?

Some days you might spend less than your daily budget, and on others you might spend up to double. But over the month you won’t pay more than your monthly max. You can stop your adword campaign whenever you want.

  1. Set Up Billing

budget set up

After setting up the budget and reviewing ads you need to add money into the account. There are several payment methods through which you can proceed and complete the payment. After payment completion your google ads will go live in a while.


Google adwords is the best option for any business (small scale or large scale) for featuring in search engines and getting the expected results. We are sure you have understood all about the google adword campaigns like what is it? how it would be fruitful for your business? And finally how to run an effective adword campaign?

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