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5 pillers of digital marketing

5 Pillers of Digital Marketing in The Year 2022

1. Content Marketing

It’s obvious that content marketing is the first and most important pillar of digital marketing in 2022. In today’s market, content work as a communication medium between you and your customer. Content should be more appealing and should reflect our business services.

Content should be in the form of website, blog, e-books, webinars, slideshows, videos and through offline events such as conferences. Your content is your investment for conversion in modern marketing techniques. That’s why it is at the top position in the digital marketing pillars.

Only having quality content for your business won’t work for you that much efficiently, for that you need to market your content in the right way. In content marketing, you should know your target audience, their online behaviour, their social media presence and many more things play a vital role.

Tips for writing quality content

  1. Competitor analysis for content
  2. Analyse your customer’s requirement
  3. Content should be informative and engaging
  4. Use facts and figures in your content
  5. More appealing to your services or products
  6. Write content in simple language that everyone should understand easily

2. Search Engine Optimization

After Covid-19 Pandemic Google searches are increased by 15%-20%. When you search anything on google, it gives you ‘n’ number of results, but how google can define that this result is more relevant to your search query? or this website has the best answer for your query? In this scenario, SEO comes into action. Your SEO activities help google to define the sequence of results for the particular query.

Writing quality and unique content in the year 2022 for your website or blog is not enough always, it requires advanced SEO activities also.

SEO Activity consists of the following things:

  1. Find out what your customers are searching for
  2. Optimize your website pages for your target keywords
  3. Make your website user-friendly and search engine friendly
  4. Get the backlinks from other high authority websites
  5. And finally measuring the SEO results

You will get the deep knowledge about local SEO strategies for different businesses in our upcoming blogs so, stay tuned!

3. Social Media Marketing

Hey Guys! How many of you are using social media in our daily life? I think everyone is using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most important LinkedIn. In 2022 Linked has created his unique space in the digital world. Generally, everyone uses social media for sharing some events, moments and achievements of their personal as well as professional life to create awareness among the people that you know. Then Why Your BUSINESS Is Not Having Social Media Presence? Just think about that!

Creating a social media presence for your business is always plus point in terms of client conversion rate. Even small scale industry should have a social media presence. You can share your business achievements, events, weekly or monthly activities etc on social media.

Social media is the best platform for targeting your key audience, its very easy to target a specific audience on social media and create awareness about our business among them.

Let me tell some interesting facts about social media


  1. 74% of Facebook users check it every day
  2. The average user spends 35 minutes on Facebook a day
  3. Facebook has 5 million active advertisers on the platform


  1. 500 million people visit Twitter each month without logging in
  2. There are 500 million Tweets sent each day
  3. The most influential person on Twitter is Taylor Swift, followed by Donald Trump


  1. There are 1bn Monthly Active Users on Instagram
  2. 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35
  3. The most liked picture on Instagram is one of an egg


  1. LinkedIn has 650 million members
  2. More than 1 million members have published content on LinkedIn
  3. Over 3 million companies have created LinkedIn accounts

4. Pay Per Click

Most of the people know this term as PPC marketing. PPC marketing is not only a complex marketing tactic but also risky if not managed properly. But it gives significant value to your business if you are expert in it. Set up your goal and budget and manage carefully.

Type of ads In Google Adwords-

  1. Text Ad
  2. Responsive Search Ad
  3. Display Ads
  4. App Promotion Ads
  5. Video Ads
  6. Product Shopping Ads
  7. Call Only Ads

For the detail information about all the ads stay tuned with us, we are publishing it very soon.

5. Email Marketing

Yet another effective tool of digital marketing i.e. Email Marketing. Now you can engage your every customer individually. With all of the digital marketing tactics at your disposal, you may be wondering, what is the importance of email marketing?

Here are the reasons why you should do the email marketing

  1. Email marketing is cost-effective
  2. You can reach more mobile customers with email marketing.
  3. You can automate the email marketing process.
  4. Email marketing makes it easy to personalize content for better response rates.
  5. You can make your email marketing interactive.
  6. You can quickly and easily measure your email marketing efforts.

These are the 5 most important pillars of digital marketing that you need to know, we hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed it, it’s just small pin into the ocean of digital marketing many more things are yet to come so stay tuned and follow us.